Why are there no AR-Unicorns around

But why are there no AR-Unicorns around, beside Magic Leap. This is a key question asked in the AR space for quite a while now. Most people people don't even understand, why should there be AR-Unicorns at all. Only if you go deeper into the analysis you understand the vastness. If AR glasses go mainstream, it means that they are indistinguishable from normal spectacles. The display experience is so good that they make any smartphone, tablet, desktop monitor, TV or game console obsolete. The new immersive vision create new social and working environments and disrupts the communication and media landscape. But on top, people will share a top virtual layer, visible by all users through the AR-glasses. Since this space is shared by all users, the objects and the use-right of this layer miraculously reveal a vast wealth of virtual assets with real world value. This trillion dollar reward should be enough to put some thoughts and efforts into the project.

But the problems with AR glasses are so many fold and deep, that few people dare to put more energy into it: Read the full article at

Posted by admin at 26 November 2019, 10:59 pm with tags AR, Blockchain link