The KaraSpace Project

The KaraSpace Association is a consortium of Augmented Reality Glasses and Blockchain companies aiming to create “KaraSpace” with central project management and corporate finance.

KaraSpace is a virtual space with 3D objects on top of the real world, visible through mainstream AR glasses and shared by all users. KarspaceSchriftWelle300 As the word “Kara” suggests, this space will be extremely valuable, once the AR users consent on a system. Every virtual object and the land-use are kept very scarce, because there is only one top layer shared by all users.

The KaraSpace community project is planing 7 years ahead and is now developing the technology needed for AR glasses to replace all smartphones. KaraSpace is a giant deal: Invest 1 billion and we return a trillion in less then a decade. Besides, the communication and media landscape will be disrupted by our new technology.

So what does it take to build it?

Firstly: We need frameless style AR glasses with mainstream social acceptance to replace the Smartphones. KaraSpace has the integral-fiber optical design patented, which has proven to deliver exactly this. The optical system is expensive to develop, but it is the key to the whole project. The certainty to build minimalistic AR very soon, leads to the responsibility, of establishing proper software and ethics right away.

Secondly: We need a 3D operating system with attractive content that inserts real value to the objects. Only an independent blockchain system is trusted to hold such massive values, just like Bitcoin. But it must handle millions of transactions per second. Blockchain is open source at its heart. Properly designed, it provides trust in privacy, which is also key for mainstream acceptance of AR systems.

KaraSpace has the OpenSpeX Operating System with the Tru.ST application system and the OwnMind GUI, proven to deal with exactly this complexity with ease. This systems can provide the extreme transaction rates and the trust. They builds a second level of abstraction on top of a basic blockchain like Ethereum, and thus guarantees an increased transaction rates into the millions.

Thirdly: We need billions of independent financing to develop the systems. We have a lot of virtual assets to offer in the near future. The root of the KaraSpace organization is a non profit company for financial acquisition and project management, keeping the ownership and governance of the company and the virtual land as heritage for the People. Financing is acquired through coin and land offerings, which enable the investors to bridge the long development period through crypto exchanges. The investor additionally obtains security tokens of individual AR companies in the space.

Fourthly: We need the community and many independent companies to collaborate. KaraSpace has established development hubs in Germany next to the Fraunhofer Institute and in China inside the new Hengshui Big-Date & AR innovation city. A consortium is formed for the participating companies and a global Betrix24 project collaboration platform is setup. A Github and Jenkins account organizes the software developments. Investments and working efforts are moreover rewarded with currency to buy land- token, promising extraordinary gains in case of total project success.

The spirit of Open-Source.

KaraSpace is open source at heart, but users are bound to a set of ethical rules and the creation of a common virtual layer, which all developers and contributors are benefiting from. In a world where blockchain defines open source also as a mean of trust, and where open source developments can be handled as virtual assets and earn much money for the original coder, the rules must be adjusted.

The Smalltalk Programing Environment plays a key role in the establishment of absolut trust for AR glasses and the KaraSpace governance. The Smalltalk language promotes the understanding of the running program by millions of common people. Functional coding like Java or C can only be understood by coding experts and the compiled program can be trusted. The Smalltalk open source interpreted code can be inspected while it is running and fully proofs its integrity.

Learn much more about KaraSpace by exploring the KaraSpace website. We invite everyone to join our community and contribute in many different ways.